Week 2 of the Life Detox

The past several days my energy and momentum has really shifted in my home life, work life, and within my relationship with my partner.  This was definitely the week of emotional and mental decluttering!  A lot of this was done by having clear and hard conversations, and asking for what I need.  I have journaled, meditated and cleared a lot of mental and emotional space.

I’ve spent a lot of time in stillness, to declutter my mind, and really honed into listening to that inner voice.  I’ve been really disconnected from myself for the past several years.  Something I have realized, is I no longer know how to be in my feminine power.  It feels odd and uncomfortable to me.  The past 20 years I have spent in my masculine power, being a warrior, assertive, impatient, and fighting for the voiceless.  The feminine energy of  creativity, surrendering, being soft and quiet is awkward for me.  And I’m really working towards standing in that power and energy.   That’s not to say that being a female you must be quiet and soft.  However the aspect of the feminine energy itself holds those characteristics and that is a strange place for me.  After working so long in my masculine power, it’s difficult for me integrated that feminine energy.  One of the most useful tools for me to do so, has been through dance.  Every day, I make sure I bust out a few moves to at least 2 songs.  Not only does it help me engage in the feminine energy, it also changes my mood dramatically.  I am a true believer that dancing is the human version of canine/feline shake off.  (More to come on that topic later.)

I’ve also been doing a lot of self-care, which for me includes: sleep, doing nothing, and body work.  I’ve done a lot of saunas, chiropractic adjustments, yoga, eating clean nutrient dense food, a float, and lots of herbal lattes.




The physical declutter of my home has been successful as well.  I’ve downsized my clothing, and still feel like I could do more.  Cleared out toys, toys and more toys, and definitely could do more.  I’ve been working my meditation space over the past few days, by repotting my plants and rearranging my scared alter space.

This next coming week, my schedule is a bit more full than usual.  So I’m not sure how much physical decluttering I will get done.  My goal is 3 boxes full of unused/unwanted items and to get my work space organized. I will also declutter some debt and work on my financial plan for next month.

I am planning to start a diet detox, beginning at the end of the month.  I’m still dealing with some undiagnosed health issues, but believe I may have found the cause.  I’m hoping with a deep detox, I’ll get some relief from symptoms I’ve been experiencing.

I’m happy with the progress I have made during this life detox.  I am missing connecting with the world through social media, but having more free time, and mental space is definitely worth the tradeoff.  I am enjoying more time reading and dancing!  Both more beneficial to my health and wellness than any time spent scrolling instagram.

In Love and Magic


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